Could we get warts from playing with toads in childhood? We don’t play with toads anymore. Yet we get warts. We don’t know how we get them. But after learning how to get rid of them, you will probably know how you got them. Not all warts are the same. In fact, they might all be different: each one is made up of 5 or 6 different viruses, not just one as we had believed.

Peel a tiny fragment off one of your warts. Prepare it for testing by placing it in a small bottle. Add a few tsp. filtered water and a H tsp. grain alcohol, Label it with the location you got it from: like “left middle finger knuckle. “First, search your body for other locations of this wart (organs that test positive to your sample). You can easily find them in your skin, of course. But also search electronically in your liver, spleen, muscles, stomach, heart, pancreas. Notice how often they are present in the pancreas. The pancreas seems to be a wart-virus heaven. Are they in the islets or the rest of the pancreas?

Without a zapper, you will need to find the frequency of each virus to completely destroy it. Attach your frequency generator and search between 400 and 290 KHz. When you find its resonant frequency, kill it by treating yourself for three minutes at 10 volts from a frequency generator. Will your warts fall off?

In a few days one or two of your warts will begin to shred. After a week you may lose one or two completely, and find that several more have become smaller. The remainder are un­changed. Continue to identify and kill them. Notice that they are not necessarily gone from the pancreas or other organs at the same time as they are gone from the skin. Perhaps warts are not the benign entities we have believed them to be. They may, in fact, ride into the body on some common bacteria, like Salmo­nella, or common parasite like pinworms or tapeworm stages.

Zapping doesn’t reach all the viruses in a wart either. It takes repeated zappings to start the shredding and gradual killing of warts.

Guy Laird, age 11, had warts on his lips besides fingers. His job was feeding the three outdoor dogs. He was full of Ascaris. He had Taenia pisiformis and Taenia solium bladder cysts in his liver. These were shedding viruses into Guy. He was started on Rascal for six weeks (this was before the zapper was invented). Maybe his benzene buildup was responsible for letting so many parasites (and their viruses) survive and multiply in his body. He stopped using toothpaste, killed Ascaris (408 KHz) and some flukes (434 to 421 KHz) and improved his diet. All except one wart came off (without bleeding). He was given different chores, too, to reduce his contact with animals and their parasites.

Georgianna Mills, a middle age music teacher, broke out with warts all over her hands, at least 30 in total. A few months later she was diagnosed with bone cancer; she always wondered if there was a connection. She cleared up her cancer and killed her viruses and bacteria with a frequency generator. Nearly all her warts disap­peared. But her indoor pet brought new parasites daily, especially Moniezia tapeworm stages. With each Moniezia infection (about once a month) she got new warts. She was never able to clear them completely.

I concluded that each wart is actually composed of 3 to 6 vi­ruses and these viruses are distributed throughout our bodies! How satisfying to be able to rid our bodies of them, once and for all even in internal organs. There is a catch. Small remnants of some warts do not disappear in spite of killing most of them. More accurately, they disappear and then reappear in our internal organs. Could this suggest to us their true origin? Could it be a tapeworm stage?