The Cure

Remember, zapping does not kill your cells. So anything hiding in them will not be harmed by the electric current either. Viruses live inside your cells while they reproduce. You can only kill the outsiders: those stuck in your cell gateways. The rest will be killed by your own cells in time. Not much time. Five or six hours at most. Your cells do it with mucous secretion, inflammation and other unknown ways. So zapping is an imperfect solution.

Using a frequency generator to electrocute Adenovirus (393 KHz for three minutes) is not effective either because you are not killing the mites and tapeworm stages at the same time, and the Adenoviruses are coming from them.

The best advice to stop a cold is to:

1. Eat sterile food for 24 hours. Follow the Mold Free Diet on page 365. Do not eat one questionable item.

2. Take vitamin C (10 grams or 2 tsp.), a B50 complex (2 tablets), and niacinamide (3 500 mg tablets) to help de­toxify the mycotoxins already in you. See Sources. It will still take five or six hours for your white blood cells to re­cover their ability to capture viruses, for the “gag” to wear off.

3. Zap for seven minutes, killing all viruses, tapeworm stages and mites together. Wait twenty minutes to let viruses and bacteria in the dead larger parasites emerge. Zap a second time for seven minutes to kill those viruses and bacteria. Wait twenty minutes to let any viruses infecting the killed bacteria emerge. Zap a third time for seven minutes to kill the last viruses.

4. Now you need only wait for your tissues to decongest and stop making mucous, etc.

5. Immediately start the Bowel Program (page 546) in case yours is an E. coli cold. You can’t, and wouldn’t want to, kill all the bacteria in your bowel. Zapping kills the escap­ees, though, to give a bit of relief, and the Bowel Program stops the invasive E. coli.

6. Do additional zapping as time permits until the Bowel Program has stemmed the invasion.

In five or six hours your cold could be gone.

Of all these measures, stopping mold consumption is the most important. If you eat peanut butter now, your cold will

return with a vengeance. If you eat cheese it will add Salmonella to your illness and you may develop a fever. Your own immune system is the most powerful cold killer, so stop handicapping it.

Test yourself for the presence of molds to see if you are ac­complishing your goal. The various molds I have tested had these emitting frequencies: 77, 88, 100, 126, 133, 177, 181, 188, 232, 242, 277, 288, 295 KHz.

In about five hours, some relief will be felt. The time it takes depends on how much mold you ate. But if you stop immediately and eat only perfectly safe food, your illness will be over in the shortest time. Shorter than merely zapping.

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