Increase Oxygen

Brain problems include memory loss, communication deficit, dementia (calling things by inappropriate names and saying inappropriate things). The brain is simply not getting enough oxygen and food to work right. It is like having a pocket calcu­lator with rundown batteries: it will give you wrong answers (without telling you they are wrong). Not enough oxygen to the brain is the main cause of memory loss, inability to find the right words, getting words mixed up and not being able to speak in sentences. You can prove this by providing oxygen from a tank; modern equipment is very easy to use and inexpensive. If your loved one responds well to a few hours of oxygen, you have proof of the problem.

How can you increase oxygen in the brain?

1. Open the blood vessels wider.

2. Increase pressure of blood running through the blood ves­sels.

3. Raise the oxygen level in the air that is breathed. Less car­bon dioxide, tobacco smoke and auto exhaust. All these, including a gas leak from the pipes in the house, compete with oxygen.

4. Increase the oxygen delivery system to the brain by raising hemoglobin levels. Cure anemia and low iron levels.

5. Raise oxygen saturation of blood by keeping body acidity down.

6. Correct a slow and irregular heart beat.


open blood vessels wider by giving niacin. Give it early in the morning, upon rising, as soon as the feet are set on the floor. Keep it at the bedside, use small capsules or tablets and combine this chore with water drinking. The water should not be cold and should have nothing added to make it a beverage. (Drinking water within minutes of sitting upright may also move the bowels soon.) A 250 mg. time-release niacin tablet (see Sources) is a good choice. The elderly have little side ef­
fects. Even the niacin-flush, which reddens the face and neck is welcomed since it gives a sensation of warmth.

The flush is intensified by giving hot liquids or acids (even vitamin С) to drink. The flush is reduced by giving cold liquids. The opening of blood vessels by niacin only lasts a few hours. If you see it has a good effect on your loved one, give several a day. Do not use a prescription variety, since they are polluted with heavy metals; use only the brand in Sources, or a brand that you have tested pure. You can freely experiment with niacin to find the best dosage and variety; it is not toxic in this amount; but the size of the tablet should not turn it into an unpleasant chore. Reduce it if it seems too large to swallow. Don’t cut tablets in half, the rough edges can scratch the throat.

Increase Oxygen

Fig. 34 Alcoholic beverages contain ergot and aflatoxin.

Hawthorn berry is an herb that opens blood vessels, par­ticularly to the heart. Carefully watch the effect on blood pres­sure when using it.

Food mold, particularly er­got, has the opposite effect of niacin. Brain blood vessels are made narrower, cutting down the oxygen supply. Ergot is a common contaminant of grains: don’t provide rye or pumpernickel breads or crack­ers. Don’t provide wine or other alcoholic beverages; they are too contaminated with er­got and aflatoxin. Narrowing the blood vessels in the brain can lead to stroke. If you notice Addvitamin С (1/8 tsp.) upon

an attack of dementia coming, opening and wait 10 minutes try a niacin tablet (100 mg, not for it to act.

timed release) immediately.