Fibromyositis and Fibromyalgia

When pain is widespread, not just in joints or legs but in many muscles and soft tissues of your body your doctor may call it fibromyositis or fibromyalgia.

For bacteria to get all over your body, they must be riding along with parasites that get all over your body. Microscopically tiny roundworms can do this.

Fibromyositis and Fibromyalgia

Fig. 15 Trichinella larvae settled in mus­cles.

Trichinella is the most common cause of these diseases, but sometimes Ascaris larvae or hookworms or strongyle larvae are the main culprits.

These wormlets bring hosts of bacteria with them, mainly “Streps”

(Streptococcus varieties) and

“Staphs” (Staphylococcus varieties), but also “Clostridiums” (Clostridium varieties) and “Campyls”

(Campylobacter varieties). The

bacteria are probably the pain causers. By killing all bacteria— Staphs, Streps, Clostridiums and Campyls—using a zapper, you may get relief for one hour!

By killing Trichinella and Ancylostomas (worms) first, fol­lowed by the bacteria, you may get relief for several hours. By killing the parasites and bacteria in every household member and the pets at the same time and by never putting your fingers to your mouth, you can expect permanent pain relief. It is interesting to speculate why the other family members, who are also infected with these tiny roundworms don’t develop fibromyalgia. Perhaps the larvae stay in the intestine or go to the diaphragm (causing coughing) or the eyes (causing “lazy” eye muscles). Perhaps they merely cause anemia. Trichinella, hookworms and strongyles are extremely difficult to get rid of in a family.

These roundworm larvae undoubtedly cross the placenta into the unborn child during pregnancy, too. So they can be “inherited.” Try to clear up the whole family before the next pregnancy.

Clearing up pets of these parasites is even harder. The best advice is to give your pets away. They will continue to harbor them even though they are on a pet parasite program. It is im­possible to stay free of the parasites your pets have: they will move to your soft tissues immediately, giving you the bacteria and inflammation again.

The next most important advice is to keep fingers out of your mouth (read Hands, page 397). None of these parasites enter through your skin (this is in spite of teachings that hook-worms enter this way), you must put them into your mouth somehow! Consider your mouth off limits to anything but food and kissing.

Finally, if there is a baby in diapers in the family, be patient. When diapering days are over you will have less bowel contact, giving you an opportunity to finish your own treatment. Mean­while, wash fingernails in Skin Sanitizer (see Recipes) after cleaning up children’s bowel movements, diapers and yourself. use borax liquid for soap to leave an antibacterial residue on the skin.

Try to identify your parasites before killing them so you can be on the lookout for them in the future. Get slides or dead cul­tures of various pathogens and search in your white blood cells. If you can’t do this, at least save a saliva sample of your own; keep it frozen or preserved. Also make a saliva sample for your pet. This gives you specimens to test yourself for later. You won’t know which parasite is in this saliva specimen, but if you ever test positive for it again you will know you got it back. Then zap yourself.

Brenda Byrd was diagnosed with myofibrositis two years earlier at the age of 36. Her blood test showed triglycerides slightly high (152 mg./DL), indicating the beginnings of urinary tract problems. Her urinalysis stated “hazy” (hazy with bacteria or crystals) instead of clear urine. It also listed white blood cells, red blood cells, and a few bacteria present in her urine. Our tests revealed mercury and numerous other heavy metals distributed in her thyroid, stomach, kidney, lungs, bones and bone marrow. She was also full of beryl­lium (usually from “coal oil”) contained in the hurricane lamps she kept in every room. She had numerous parasites, including Strongyloides and hookworms spread through her body tissues. She was thrilled to learn how to get her health back and started with the dental problem.

Marcia Cochran, 36, had muscles twitching all over her body. It was diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Her joints were tender and her chest felt “tight.” She had bronchitis twice a year. She was on Amytryp — taline™ for muscle twitching and Bentyl™ to calm the intestine (spastic colon). She had depression with it and was on medicine for that. It all started with fever and chills that she thought was the flu but after they went away, she was left with a tremor. Sometimes she felt that little electric shocks were going through her. She had Ascaris and hookworm larvae widespread in her body. She had sheep liver flukes in her liver. She was started on the parasite program. She was also toxic with PVC and tellurium (dental metal). The PVC was traced to plastic storm windows applied to the inside of the window and to new shower curtains. Two months passed and she had not solved any of her problems. Then she did her first liver cleanse and got over 100 stones out. This instantly reduced her fibromyalgia to occasional attacks. She was so encouraged she decided to go ahead with dental cleanup.