Eradicating Aflatoxin

Simply sprinkling vitamin С over roasted nuts is not effec­tive because the molds have penetrated the surface. Rinse the nuts in water first (a lot of mold is removed in this simple way). Cover the nuts with water, add about H tsp. vitamin С powder (for a pint of nuts) and mix. Let stand for 5 minutes. The water penetrates the nuts, taking the vitamin С with it and detoxifies them. Pour off the water and dry the nuts in the oven at low heat. (Don’t burn them or you will make benzopyrenes.)

Rice and pastas can be demolded partly by cooking and partly by adding vitamin С before or after cooking. There is no need to add so much it affects the flavor. Brown rice is espe­cially moldy.

Vinegars can simply have vitamin С added and placed in the refrigerator.

Honey can be warmed and treated the same way (H tsp. per pint).

Bread cannot be salvaged. Switch to bakery breads or homemade. Use it up in a few days, left in its paper bag. Or slice and place in a plastic bag in the freezer.

Since all foods have both their own and others’ molds, there must be thousands of molds. Very many have been studied be­sides aflatoxin producers.


Zearalenone, an anabolic and uterotrophic metabolite, is fre­quently found in commercial cereal grains and in processed foods and feeds, and is often reported as causative agent of naturally occurring hyperestrogenism and infertility in swine, poultry and cattle.[17]

What this means is, in animals, “zear” looks likes extra es­trogen to the body. Does it affect humans the same way? Are high estrogen levels a problem for us? I find nearly every breast cancer case shows a too-high estrogen level for years before the cancer is found! It starts females maturing too early, too. It could cause PMS, ovarian cysts and infertility. Not everybody gets all of these effects. And what is the effect on men and boys of eating an estrogen-like mycotoxin in their daily diet? This female hormone could have a drastic effect on the maturing process even in small amounts.

Zearalenone ("zear") and aflatoxin both have immune low­ering effects. Zearalenone can induce thymic atrophy and macrophage activation.[18] If you have low immunity (low T-
cells, low white blood cell count, and so forth), immediately go off moldy food suspects.

“Zear” is the mycotoxin that prevents you from detoxifying benzene. Every AIDS sufferer I see has a crippled ability to de­toxify benzene; they also have zear!

The main zear sources I have found so far are popcorn, corn chips, and brown rice. But it was absent in fresh corn, canned corn, corn tortillas, and white rice, making me wonder how it gets in our processed corn products.

Eradicating Aflatoxin

Fig. 50 All U. S. brands of pasta I tested had mold, including health food brands like the one shown here (left). No Mexican brands of pasta, like the one pictured (right), had any molds.


Sterigmatocystin (“sterig”) is plentiful in pasta. Emphasize baked pasta dishes, not boiled. This raises the temperature much higher than boiling. Better yet, make your own pasta with a pasta maker. U. S. bread flour is quite free of mold; the mold in our pastas must come from using inferior quality flour. Always add vitamin С to pasta before or after cook­ing.


A food mold that causes strange feelings and behavior is er­got. Although laws regulate the amount of ergot allowed in

foods,[19] this is not enough protection. Ergotoxins, for example LSD, are active in extremely minute (less than a microgram, about one thousandth of a fly speck) quantities. They are not destroyed by heat and are especially toxic to children. I found traces in cereals, whole grain breads, wines, and honey. It can be detoxified by adding vitamin С but takes longer; about 10 minutes. Detoxify all your honey as soon as it arrives in your house. Warm it slightly and add vitamin С (1/8 tsp. per cup). Stir with wood or plastic.

Ergot toxicity could explain “Jekyll and Hyde” behavior in children, commonly attributed to “allergies”. In fact, the mechanism, inability by the liver to keep up with detoxification, fits well into the “allergic” concept. If your child has undesirable behavior, try going off the moldy food suspects for three weeks (cold cereals, nuts and nut butters, store bought breads and baked goods, syrups). Substitute cooked cereals, bakery breads, potatoes, and honeys. Add vitamin С to honey, pasta and cooked cereals. Pancakes and waffles made from scratch would be O. K.

Combining alcohol with ergot is more toxic than either is alone. Alcohol seems to drive the toxin deeper into your tissues. I have found ergot and aflatoxin in beer and wine! Perhaps some of the bizarre behavior and speech of intoxication is really due to the mold-alcohol combination. By delaying alcohol detoxifi­cation, the mold could even be responsible for deaths “due to” alcoholism. It would be safer to brew your own alcoholic bever­ages. Start with pristine fruit. Or at least add vitamin С (1/8 tsp. per cup) to the store bought container you are consuming.

Older children and adults are quite susceptible to ergot too. If bizarre behavior shows up, such as saying mean and cruel things, expressing unusual, irrational thoughts, feeling emo-

tionless or unreal, try the same diet changes, but put alcoholic beverages, soy sauces and other sauces, and other grain derived foods on the “off’ list. Try this diet on yourself if you have a temper or crying spells or frequent colds! Ergot can make you super religious, hearing voices of command or threat. Ergot also

Eradicating Aflatoxin

Fig. 51 All cold cereals I tested were full of mold toxins (besides solvents), health food varieties were worst. causes seizures!

Cytochalasin B

Cytochalasin B (“cyto B”) is another immune lowering fun­gus. I find it mostly in pasta. It stops cells from dividing. Dead portions of the liver cannot regenerate as they otherwise would after a toxic encounter!