Back To Normal

Body wisdom was not meant to substitute for parental teaching. They must both be there. But when there is conflict, trust your wisdom. Will you ever get your primitive body wis­dom back and enjoy vegetables, fruit, simple styles of cooking and baking them? Yes, to a considerable extent. You’ll hold your nose at all seeds and nuts and most flour (they smell so rancid). You’ll back away from cookies and cakes, especially icing (they taste like you imagine shortening tastes). You’ll retreat from deep fat fried foods: the dripping grease will just undo the appetite. You’ll say “No thanks” to canned food and metal cutlery (you can taste the metal now). You’d have to force yourself to eat grocery bread (it’s so doughy and sour smelling). Wheat germ smells terrible (rancidity). Even vitamin tablets may smell awful.

Has life been ruined, now that plain potatoes and butter taste good? Your body wisdom has returned. You are the true gourmet. It is as different as corn on the cob is from the canned variety. Perhaps you are “spoiled” now by eating un-rotten food. Accept the charge with humor and dignity—as long as you’re not expected to eat any more spoiled, moldy food.

Toxic Food

Grilled food develops benzopyrenes in it that are very toxic. In an age of lowered immunity, it makes little sense to de­liberately poison the food with benzopyrenes. Especially for children, who will be faced with new viruses and parasites in their lifetimes. Will they be able to overcome them or succumb at middle age? Only the strength of their immune system decides this.

Benzopyrenes must be detoxified using the liver’s valuable benzene-detoxification system. With so many benzene-polluted items, there is hardly enough detoxification capability to get it all taken care of. NAD enzymes (the N stands for niacin) come into play too. These are essential for alcohol detoxification. If you have consumed alcohol, like a can of beer, NAD enzymes must be shared between the alcohol in the beer and the benzene in the beer. It takes longer to detoxify both the benzene and alcohol. The time delay is a time of lowered immunity and facilitates a growth spurt for parasites and pathogens.

Foods that are raised to very high temperatures, made possi­ble with a microwave oven, produce benzopyrenes. ordinary bread-toasters can do this too! Old fashioned toasters had a layer of metal separating the bread from the wires. Toasting bread in a frying pan or a stove top surface protects it too. But your stove grill, whether electric or flame, will produce benzopyrenes in your food unless there is a separating wall between them.

It does not matter what kind of fuel is used, the benzopyrenes develop due to lack of shielding between the food and heat source. A metal wall between them absorbs some of the heat.

Do not burn your food in a microwave oven. Since the tem­perature may go higher than your regular oven, you can produce benzopyrenes. Your regular oven is thermostated so that it cannot go higher than it states. Baking and browning is never done above 425°F. This is your safety feature. If anything in your microwave has turned dark brown or black or has melted plastic, throw it out!

Supplements that help your body to detoxify the benzopyrenes


1. Niacin or niacinamide. These are NAD-builders. Take 50 mg with each meal.

2. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Take 50 mg with each meal.

For unpolluted vitamins see Sources.

It would be wise to teach children the habits that maximize their immune strength. Avoiding food toxins that are specifically immune-lowering is most important. Besides the benzopyrenes, certain mold toxins and solvents do this and are found in foods.