The Silent Cervix

The cervix is a big “trouble spot” for women just as the prostate is for men. It seldom lets you know with pain, however, that bacteria or parasites or toxins are present. sometimes a brief needle-like pain does alert you to something going on there, but it is easy to miss. The cervix is constantly secreting a little bit of mucous and this helps it stay clean but why give it mercury and copper and gold to secrete? Many a fertility problem has been solved by stopping the toxic pollution of uterus, ovaries, and cervix. Clean up your dentalware and clean up your diet and environment.

Kill parasites and bacteria regularly, every week, with the herbal recipe or by zapping. You should have no pain with men­struation, no bloating, fatigue or headaches. A PAP smear test should always be “good”. If it isn’t, hurry to the rescue of your cervix.

Menopausal Symptoms, Hot Flushes, PMS

Insomnia, irritability, PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), de­pression, anxiety, nervousness, are all not to be expected at and after menopause. They may certainly be caused by hormone imbalances. It is these imbalances that are not normal.

NO menopausal symptoms are normal

After the ovaries are done with their cycles of estrogen and progesterone production, the adrenal glands’ hormone produc­tion was meant to “kick in” and make up any deficit.

During your fertile years, you were meant to have a peak of 100 picograms/milliliter (pg./ml) of estrogen on day 9 and day 22 of your cycle. Progesterone, on the other hand, only peaks once, on day 22, and it should reach a level 20 to 100 times as high as estrogen! After this ends, your adrenals can still keep your hormone levels regulated. Typical values are 20 pg./ml estrogen and, again, 20 to 100 times as much progesterone. Keeping these two hormones in balance is just as important as the actual amounts. 20 pg./ml estrogen is enough to prevent

menopausal symptoms including hot flushes, and to give you

heart protection and bone density protection. Taking synthetic hormones usually gives you exactly such levels. But if your own adrenal glands can supply them, surely it is a better approach. (A blood test can tell you your levels; do it on day 21, 22 or 23 before menopause, after menopause the day is not critical.)

The Silent Cervix

Fig. 21 Estrogen and progesterone levels (pg./ml).


daily estrogen levels

daily progesteron levels

Why aren’t your adrenals producing them? Because they are hampered by parasites and pollutants! Kill all the parasites, bacteria and viruses, especially Gardnerella, Proteus, Chlamy­dia, Campylobacter, Neisseria, Treponema, Salmonella. Use the zapper.

Notice that these are also the favorite urinary tract bacteria! This makes good sense, because the adrenal glands sit right on the kidneys and would be geographically close to the kidney bacteria. To avoid getting them back, do a kidney cleanse (page 549) to remove all crystals where they might hide.

After this, hot flushes can be suddenly gone. If not, continue the cleanse. Meanwhile, do some permanent lifestyle improve­ment. start drinking two pints of water between meals plus water and milk (sterilized) at mealtime.

Don’t drink cranberry juice with its copious hippuric acid and its solvent pollutants. You won’t need such insufficient help after cleaning up your body, dentalware, and environment. Be­sides giving you a better hormone supply, your newly revitalized adrenals will get you through stress in better shape and keep your blood pressure normal.

If bacteria are not kept down they will begin to invade other organs. Gardnerella goes to ovaries to feast on the corpus luteum after ovulation. This keeps the corpus luteum from making enough progesterone and PMS results.

Menstrual problems and PMS, in general, although they may not be pain-causers, are a sign that all is not well with the uterus and ovaries. Go on a cleanup program. Kill your invaders with herbs or the zapper. Clear up your toxic accumulations from dental metal and environmental sources.

Don’t be surprised by a pregnancy! This is not the time to get pregnant, though. If you wish to get pregnant, clean up your body first, being very careful to prevent pregnancy during this time. If this is not under your control do your dental work first. Since every cleanup job increases your fertility, it is best to get the mercury, thallium, copper and nickel out of your body before your risk of conception is raised further by making other improvements. Many an amalgam replacement job had to be halted in the middle due to pregnancy! Couples just couldn’t believe they could have a child as a result of cleaning up their bodies so they were careless in spite of my warnings! A dentist will not take out mercury during pregnancy.

Nicole Truett, 40ish, had PMS before her periods. She was a returning student and couldn’t afford to feel emotionally upset. She also had recurrent yeast infections, Herpes and panic attacks. She com­plained that her thinking was weird, although she was an excellent student (she got her birth date wrong on our office forms!) She had high levels of mercury and we suggested dental work imme­diately. Two months later she was feeling much better and had all metal removed but was experiencing a slight return of symptoms which panicked her. She still had E. coli and Bacillus anthracus at four tooth locations, giving her chronic sinus symptoms. She needed her cavitations cleaned. Four weeks later she described how she had gotten immediate emotional relief after two cavitations were done. Our solvent test showed methyl butyl ketone, benzene and carbon tetrachloride (which we found in her Mountain Valley Arkansas Spring Water). They were lowering her immunity giving recurrent Herpes and yeast problems. These disappeared in a week. She was so happy to find the cause of her problems and yet so angry at the nature of the cause that she planned to write to the water company. We need more such envi ronmental activists.

Monica Koziol was on Ibuprofen™ for menstrual cramps. She also got a severe sugar craving and minor depression and headache with her period. She was toxic with silver, copper, platinum, mercury and lead. She also had hookworms, pinworms, human liver fluke and cat liver flukes infesting her. A hormone test showed very low estrogen (57.6 pg/ml) probably due to all these interfering factors. She had all the metal from her fillings replaced and killed parasites with the herbal recipe. This gave her regular normal periods for several months. She decided to get pregnant but couldn’t. A follow — up showed she was full of parasites again. She had stopped the maintenance parasite program. She resumed it and began kidney and liver cleanses to get longer lasting benefits.

Barbara Ashby, age 43, had suffered for 1% years from menstrual pain. She had oxalate crystals in her kidneys and was started on the kidney cleanse. She followed this with the parasite program and dental metal replacement. Then she cleaned her liver and after three cleanses (she got over 1,000 stones the first time!) she said she felt great again.

Terri Entzminger, age 16, had a long list of health problems including painful ovaries and painful periods for which she was put on birth control pills by her doctor. She had several bacteria in her genital tract: Neisseria gonorrhea, Plasmodium cyano, Staphylococcus

aureus (also at tooth #28 which had a plastic filling), Streptococ­cus pyogenes (also at tooth #28). A parasite test showed intestinal fluke adults in the uterus, not in the intestine or liver. There were also fluke cercaria here. She was started on the parasite herbs. Three weeks later there was no improvement. She had a rabbit, a dog and a hamster. She was to get them all onto the pet parasite program. Her diet was changed to exclude solvents. Six weeks later her periods were “great”, she did not need the pill and she was keeping the whole household on a maintenance program killing parasites. Three weeks later she had cramps again. This time it was sheep liver fluke in the uterus. She probably got them from the snails in her fish tanks. She was off the maintenance program and drinking caffeine free cola again. This would fill her with solvents that make fluke disease possible. She killed them all with a frequency generator and decided to be more vigilant over parasites as long as she was such an ardent animal lover.

Azar Moya, 57, was on Premarin™ and Provera™ for hot flushes and emotional extremes, Synthroid™ for the thyroid, Xanax™ for nerves and sleep problems, something for diarrhea and something for depression. In five months she needed none of it. She had done a liver cleanse by then and got a commode-full of stones (about 1,000), she had changed her plumbing, got rid of the water softener, killed parasites and cleansed her kidneys. She still had sinus problems and some arthritis and was planning dental metal replacement and cavitation cleaning to clear them up too.