This list was accurate as this book went to press. Only the vitamin sources listed were found to be pollution-free, and only the herb sources listed were found to be potent, although there may be other good sources that have not been tested. The author has no financial interest in, influence on, or other connection with any company listed, except for having family members in the self Health Resource Center.

Note to readers outside the United States of America:

sources listed are typically companies within the united States because they are the ones I am most familiar with. You may be tempted to try a more convenient manufacturer in your own country and hope for the best. I must advise against this! In my experience, an uninformed manufacturer most likely has a polluted product! Your health is worth the extra effort to obtain the products that make you well. One bad product can keep you from reaching that goal. This chapter will be updated as I be­come aware of acceptable sources outside the United States. Best of all is to learn to test products yourself.



Amber bottles, % ounce

Drug store, Continental Glass & Plastic, Inc. (large quantities)

Apricot Kernel Oil

Now Foods


Now Foods, Jomar Labs

Artemesia (wormwood) seed

R. H. Shumway

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

Spectrum Chemical Co.

Beet root

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.

Belts for clothes dryer

Three that tested negative to asbestos are: Maytag™ 3-12959 Poly-V belt, Whirlpool™ FSP 341241 Belt-Drum Dr. (replaces 660996), and Bando™ V-Belt A-65. Bando American makes other belts, some of which might be the right size for your dryer. Call for a dealer near you, make sure it says "Made In America", right on the belt.

Black cherry concentrate

Health food store

Black Walnut Hull Tincture

Self Health Resource Center, New Action Products

Borax, pure

Grocery store

Boric acid, pure

Now Foods, health food store, pharmacy

Cascara sagrada

Natures Way, health food store

Chemicals for testing.

Aldrich Chemical Co., Spectrum Chemical Co., ICN Biomedicals, Inc. (research chemicals only, including genistein), Boehringer Mannheim Biochemicals (research only)


Spectrum Chemical Co.

Citric acid

Now Foods or health food store


San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co. (ASK for fresh)


Lady Lee is the only unpolluted brand found so far

Dental information

Tooth Truth, by Frank J. Jerome, available from New Century Press.


Spectrum Chemical Co.

Electronic parts

A Radio Shack near you.

Empty gelatin capsules size 00

Now Foods, or your health food store

Filters, pure charcoal

Pure Water Products (pitchers), Seagull Distribution Co. (faucet, shower, whole house)

Flaxseed oil

Omega Nutrition USA, Inc.


San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.

Ginger capsules

Now Foods

Goldenrod tincture

Dragon River Herbals, Blessed Herbs

Grain alcohol

Liquor store, as vodka, EverclearIM

Gravel root (herb)

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.


500 mg from Jomar Labs

Homeopathic remedies

Dolisos America, Inc., and others

Hydrangea (herb)

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.

Hydrogen peroxide 35% (food grade)

New Horizons Trust

Iodine, pure

Spectrum Chemical Co.

Lugol’s iodine

For slide staining (not internal use) from Spectrum Chemical Co., and farm animal supply store. For internal use must be made from scratch.


Bronson Pharmaceuticals

Magnesium oxide

Bronson Pharmaceuticals

Marshmallow root (herb)

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.

Microscope slides and equipment

Carolina Biological Supply Company, Ward’s Natural Science, Inc., Southern Biological Supply Company, Fisher-EMD


Carolina Biological Supply Company, Ward’s Natural Science, Inc., Edmund Scientific Co.

Milk Thistle

Herb companies.

Mullein tea

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.


100 mg or 250 mg time release, Bronson Pharmaceuticals


Now Foods, Jomar Labs


Aldrich Chemical Co.


Superior Health Products, LLC

P24 antigen sample

Bachem Fine Chemicals Inc.

PABA (para amino benzoic acid)

Bronson Pharmaceuticals

Pantothenic acid

Bronson Pharmaceuticals


See Hydrogen peroxide.

Photo-micrographic camera and film

Ward’s Natural Science, Inc.

Potassium bicarbonate

Spectrum Chemical Co., or pharmacy

Potassium chloride

Now Foods, Spectrum Chemical Co.

Potassium iodide, pure

Spectrum Chemical Co.


Kroeger Herb Products, New Action Products (as Raz-Caps)

Salt (sodium chloride), pure

Spectrum Chemical Co., get USP grade

Sodium alginate

Spectrum Chemical Co. or health food store

Stevia powder

Now Foods


San Francisco Herbs, buy in bulk, any single herb variety.

Thallium, homeopathic

Dolisos America, Inc.

Thioctic acid (also called lipoic acid)

Maypro Industries

Uva Ursi

Natures Way or health food store

Vanilla extract

Durkee’sIM or Mexican brands

Vegetable glycerin

Now Foods or health food store

Vitamin B Complex

Bronson Pharmaceuticals

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

Nutrition Headquarters (25С mg), or Bronson Pharmaceuticals (ЮС mg)

Vitamin B6

Bronson Pharmaceuticals, EDOM Labs

Vitamin B12 lozenges

Bronson Pharmaceuticals

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Self Health Resource Center

Vitamin D 50,000iu

From dentist, by prescription, or see Recipes.

Vitamin E capsules

Bronson Pharmaceuticals

Vitamin E Oil

Now Foods

Washing soda (sodium carbonate)

Grocery store

Water filter pitchers

Pure Water Products

Wormwood capsules

Self Health Resource Center, Kroeger Herb Products, New Action Products


Bronson Pharmaceuticals

Zinc oxide

Spectrum Chemical Co.

Aldrich Chemical Co.

P. O. Box 355 Milwaukee, WI 532С1 (414) 273-3850

Bachem Fine Chemicals Inc. 3132 Kashiwa St.

Torrance, CA 9С5С5 (310) 539-4171

Bando American Inc.

1149 West Bryn Mawr Itasca, IL 60143 (800) 829-6612 (630) 773-6600

Blessed Herbs 109 Barre Plaines Rd. Oakham, MA 01068 (508) 882-3839

Boehringer Mannheim Biochemicals 9115 Hague Rd.

P. O. Box 50414 Indianapolis, IN 46250 (800) 262-1640 (317) 849-9350

Bronson Pharmaceuticals Div. of Jones Medical Industry 1945 Craig Road P. O. Box 46903 St. Louis, MO 63146-6903 (800) 235-3200 retail (800) 525-8466 wholesale

Carolina Biological Supply Co. 2700 York Rd.

Burlington, NC 27215 (800) 334-5551 (919) 584-0381

Continental Glass & Plastic, Inc. 841 West Cermak Rd.

Chicago, IL 60608-4582 (312) 666-2050

Dolisos America, Inc.

3014 Rigel Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102 (800) 365-4767 (702) 871-7153

Dragon River Herbals PO Box 74

Ojo Caliente, NM 87549 (800) 813-2118 (505) 583-2118

Edmund Scientific Co.

101 E. Gloucester Pike Barrington, NJ 08007 (856) 573-6250

EDOM Labs, Inc.

860 Grand Boulevard P. O. Box 780 Deer Park, NY 11729 (516) 586-2266 (800) 723-3366

Fisher Scientific EMD 485 S. Frontage Rd.

Burr Ridge, IL 60521 (800) 955-1177

ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Biomedical Division 33СС Hyland Ave.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 545-С113 (8СС) 854-05Э0

Jomar Labs

251-B East Hacienda Avenue Campbell, CA 95СС8 (8СС) 538-4545 (4С9) 374-592С

Kroeger Herb Products (wholesale:)

8С5 Walnut St.

Boulder, CO 8С3С2 (8СС) 225-8787 (3С3) 443-С261 (for retail call:)

Hanna’s Herb Shop 5684 Valmont Rd.

Boulder, CO 8С3С1 (8СС) 2С6-6722

Maypro Industries 2ЮС Westchester Ave. Purchase, NY Ю577 (914) 251-С7С1

Nature’s Way Ю Mountain Springs Pkwy Springville, UT 84663 (8СС) 962-8873 (8d) 489-15СС

New Action Products (USA) P. O. Box 54С Orchard Park, NY 14127 (8СС) 455-6459 (716) 662-8ССС

New Action Products (CANADA) PO Box 141

Grimsby, Ont. L3M4G5 Canada (8СС) 541-3799 (716) 873-3738

New Century Press Ю55 Bay Blvd., Suite C Chula Vista, CA 91911 (8СС) 519-2465 (619) 476-74СС

New Horizons Trust 53166 St. Rt. 681 Reedsville, OH 45772 (8СС) 755-636С (614) 378-6366

Now Foods 395 Glen Ellen Road Glen Ellen, IL 6СЮ8 (63С) 545-9С98

Omega Nutrition USA, Inc.

6515 Aldrich Rd.

Bellingham, WA 98226 (8СС) 661-3529

Superior Health Products, LLC 13549 Ventura Blvd.

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 (8СС) 7СС-1543 (818) 986-9456

Pure Water Products Ю332 Parkview Ave. Westminster, CA 92683 (8СС) 478-7987

R. H. Shumway P. O. Box 1

Graniteville, SC 29829 (803) 663-9771

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.

1010 46th St.

Emeryville, CA 94608 (800) 227-2830 wholesale (510) 601-0700 retail

Seagull Distribution Co.

3372 Baltimore St.

San Diego, CA 92117 (858) 483-0264

Self Health Resource Center 1055 Bay Blvd., Suite A Chula Vista, CA 91911 (800) 873-1663 (619) 409-9500 (USA)

(780) 475-2403 (Canada)

Southern Biological Supply Company P. O. Box 368 McKenzie, TN 38201 (800) 748-8735 (901) 352-3337

Spectrum Chemical Co.

14422 South San Pedro Street Gardena, CA 90248 (800) 772-8786 (310) 516-8000

Ward’s Natural Science, Inc. 5100 West Henrietta Road Rochester, NY 14586 (716) 359-2502 (800) 962-2660