Read old recipe books for the fun and savings of making your own nutritious food. Change the recipes to avoid processed ingredients. Here are some I found:

Beverage Recipes

Anything made in your own juicer is fine. Experiment with new combinations to create different flavorful fruit and vegetable juices. Consider the luxury of preparing gourmet juices which satisfy your own individual palate instead of the mass-produced, polluted varieties sold at grocery stores. Remember to wash all fruit, including citrus before juicing. This removes the ever­present pesticides and common fruit mold.


1 cup fresh lemon juice, 1 cup honey, ^quarts water. Bring honey and water to a boil if you plan to keep it several days. Then add lemon juice and store in the refrigerator.

All honey and maple syrup should have vitamin С added to it as soon as it arrives from the supermarket. Warm it first; then stir in Л tsp. per pint.

Fresh Tomato Juice

Simmer for V^hour: 12 medium-sized raw, ripe tomatoes, V cup water, 1 slice onion, 2 ribs celery with leaves, V^bay leaf, 3 sprigs parsley. Strain these ingredients. Season with: 1 tsp. salt

(aluminum-free), V tsp. paprika, V4tsp. honey. Serve thoroughly chilled. Makes about 4 servings.

Fresh Pineapple Juice

Peel a pineapple. Remove all soft spots. Cut it into cubes. Extract the juice by putting the pineapple through a food grinder or a blender. There will be very little pulp. Strain the juice and serve it on ice with sprigs of mint. Makes about 1^2cups of juice. Mix the pulp with an equal amount of clover honey and use as topping (kept in freezer) for homemade ice cream (below), pancakes, or yogurt.

Maple Milk Shake

For each milk shake, blend or shake together: 1 glass of milk and 2 tablespoons maple syrup.

Remember, all milk gets boiled.

Yankee Drink

Mix together 1 gal. water, 3 cups honey, V4cup fresh lemon juice or distilled white vinegar, and 1 tsp. ginger.

Hot Vanilla Milk

Add one inch of vanilla bean and one tsp. honey to a glass of milk and bring to a near boil. You may add a pinch of cinnamon or other pure spice. You may even use vanilla extract (see Sources).

Red Milk

Equal parts fresh carrot juice (use a juicer) and sterilized milk. Save the carrot pulp for salads and soups.


Milk can absorb a surprising amount of vitamin С powder without curdling or changing its flavor. Try V4tsp. in a glass of cold milk.

My Own Soda Pop

Excellent for stomach distress. Put 1 tsp. citric acid, 2 tbs. vegetable glycerin (see Sources), 2 tbs. honey, and 1 lemon, juiced by hand, into a quart jar and fill with cold water. Refrig­erate until ready to use. Then add 1 tsp. baking soda (chemically pure only, see Sources) and shake a few times, keeping the lid tight. Pour over a few ice cubes. Many variations are possible: other fruit concentrates, made in the blender, can be used along with some lemon juice; for example, 2 blended whole apples (peeled), blended pineapple, orange or grapefruit. Always add a bit of lemon to give it zip. You may add a pinch of ginger or other pure spice.

Note: The amount of sodium in V4tsp. baking soda is.476 grams. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or edema, use potassium bicarbonate instead. Ask your doctor what an ac­ceptable amount of sodium or potassium bicarbonate is. I would suggest limiting yourself to one glass of soda pop a day, even if you do not have heart disease.

Another Note: the citric acid kills bacteria, while the car — bonation brings relief.

My Own Super C-Pop

An excellent way to get lots of vitamin С into a child and relieve stomach distress at the same time. squeeze 1 slice of lemon and 1 whole orange into an 8 ounce bottle that has a tight lid. Add 1 tsp. vitamin С powder (ascorbic acid), V tsp. citric acid, and 2 tbs. vegetable glycerin (you may also experiment with honey for sweetness). Fill the bottle to the top with cold water. Then add V4tsp. chemically pure baking soda and close tightly. Shake briefly and serve immediately.

Half And Half

Mix equal parts whipping cream and milk or water. Boil and chill.


Stir 1 tsp. vitamin С powder into a glass of milk. Add a pinch of potassium chloride. Additional seasoning may be pepper and herbs. Stir and enjoy.