Propyl Alcohol Polluted Products


even if propyl alcohol is not listed on the label!

shampoo, even health

• bottled water, distilled


water, or spring water

hair spray and mousse

• rubbing alcohol

cold cereals, even

• white sugar (brown is

“natural” granolas

OK if detoxified)

cosmetics (make your

• all shaving supplies in-


cluding aftershave


• carbonated beverages

decaffeinated coffee,

• store-bought fruit juice,

PostumTM, herb tea

including health food

blends (single herb teas


are OK)

vitamins, minerals and

supplements (unless you

test them)

Tear out this page, put it on your refrigerator, and make a copy to stick on your medicine cabinet. Remember propyl alco­hol is also called propanol, isopropanol, isopropyl alcohol and rubbing alcohol. You won’t drop dead from getting propyl alcohol, but your cancer will flare up with each small addition.

Avoid the entire list, meticulously. Even using one of these, like your favorite shampoo or bottled water, will result in failure. Your body will continue to make human chorionic go­nadotropin (hCG) and the pathology will remain “indeterminate”—not cancerous but not well, either. If you have learned the new bioelectronic technology described in this book, you can test all your foods and products for isopropyl alcohol.

When you find a beverage that is free of propyl alcohol, it may have other pollutants. Xylene and toluene invite parasites to the brain. Wood alcohol invites them to eyes and pancreas. The diseases caused by these are not as frightening, perhaps, as cancer, but entirely avoidable. For this reason, I suggest in this book that you go back (actually “forward”) to self made prod­ucts, unprocessed food and a limited number of tested supple­ments.

Getting Well After Cancer

The ravages of cancer must be healed once the malignancy has been stopped. This is where carcinogens play a role. The lung lesions will not heal unless cigarette smoking, freon, as­bestos, and fiberglass exposure is stopped. Carcinogens were thought to be the cause of cancer. Actually, they drew the cancer to the organ. Nickel draws cancer to the prostate. Barium found in lipstick draws cancer to the breast. And so on.

The following toxins can be present in any organ! I consider these to be our most serious threat. starting with the worst, they are:

1. Freon (same as CFCs or refrigerant). I have not found a single person to be entirely free of it, including persons without cancer or disease. But in cancer sufferers it is al­ways concentrated in the cancerous organ, and facilitates the accumulation of other toxins. This makes your refrig­erator, if it leaks even microscopically, the top cancer hazard in the country!

2. Copper from water pipes. AH cancer sufferers have an accumulation in the cancerous tissue. This makes plumbing the second greatest hazard.

3. Fiberglass or asbestos is present in about 25% of the cancer victims I see.

4. Mercury as in tooth fillings.

5. Lead from solder joints in copper plumbing. АЦ colon cancer sufferers test positive.

6. Formaldehyde as in foam bedding and new clothing.

7. Nickel usually from dental metal. Most prostate cancer sufferers test positive.

At first, tumors are benign—what a relief to find your tumor was benign. Its true nature is still unknown, but it contains freon, other toxins, and later propyl alcohol! Since tumors are often large, many centimeters in diameter, and toxins do not occupy much space, there is much unidentified substance. These tumors can multiply and enlarge, as in fibrocystic breast disease, all without being malignant. But what a convenient place for baby stages of the fluke to hide out and multiply, safe from your immune system. After being colonized by fluke stages, the tumors become malignant. Eventually they also become infected when metastasis sets in.

All malignancies have the same two fundamental causes: intestinal flukes and propyl alcohol. Whether you have a rhab­domyosarcoma or a mesothelioma or melanoma, you can cure it quickly, never to return.