Note for diabetics

Diabetics must not use artificial sweeteners. Nor can they use all the sweeteners listed. Try stevia powder instead.


Keep 3 or 4 kinds on hand, such as peach, pineapple, and pear. Peel and chop the fruit. It should not have any bruises. If you use a metal knife, rinse the fruit lightly afterwards. Add just enough water to keep the fruit from sticking as it is cooked (usually a few tablespoons). Then add an equal amount of honey, or to taste and heat again to boiling. Put in sterile jars in refrigerator. Make marmalade the same way, slicing the fruit and peel thinly. Always add vitamin С powder to a partly used jar to inhibit mold. Never use up partly molded fruit by making preserves out of it. Throw it out.

C Dressing

% cup olive oil

% cup fresh lemon juice or white distilled vinegar 1 tsp. thyme, fenugreek or both (capsules are freshest)

1 tsp. vitamin C powder % tsp. brown sugar

Combine the ingredients in a clean salad dressing bottle. Shake. Refrigerate. The basic recipe is the oil and vinegar in a 2:1 ratio. After mixing these, add any pure spice desired. Or add fresh tomato chunks for creaminess.

Cheese Sauce

Add milk to cheese in equal amounts. Gradually heat to boiling while stirring. Add more of either to obtain the desired consistency. Boil 10 seconds. Use immediately.

Sour Cream-C

2 cups heavy whipping cream, previously boiled % tsp. citric acid

% tsp. vitamin C powder

1 tsp. fresh onion juice or other seasoning (optional)

stir until smooth, refrigerate 2 hours.


Buy a yogurt maker. Be sure and use boiled milk.


All home made soups are nutritious and safe, provided you use no processed ingredients (like bouillon), or make them in metal pots. Use herbs and aluminum-free salt to season. Always add a dash of vitamin С or tomato juice or vinegar to draw out calcium from soup bones for you to absorb.

Fish and Seafood recipe

Any kind of fish or seafood is acceptable, provided it is well-cooked. Don’t buy food that is already in batter. The sim­plest way to cook fish is to poach it in milk. It can be taken straight from the freezer, rinsed, and placed in Л inch of milk (unboiled is fine) in the frying pan. Heat until it is cooked. Turn over and repeat. Throw away the milk. serve with fresh lemon and herbs.

Baked Apples

Peel and core carefully. Remove all bruises (this is where the patulin is). Cut in bite-sized pieces, add a minimum of water and cook or bake minimally. Add a squirt of lemon juice when done. Serve with cinnamon, whipping cream and honey.

Ice creams

from the grocery store are loaded with benzene and other solvents. Fortunately there are ice cream makers that do every­thing (no cranking)! Or try our recipe which uses a blender. Be sure not to add store bought flavors, except vanilla or maple.

5 Minute Ice Cream

(strawberry) Use 2 half pints of whipping cream, previously boiled, 1 package of frozen strawberries (about 10 oz.), and V cup clover honey. Pour frozen strawberries into blender. Pour whipping cream and honey over them. Blend briefly (about 10 seconds), not long enough to make butter! Pour it all into a large plastic bowl. Cover with a close fitting plastic bag and place in freezer. Prepare it a day ahead. Try using other frozen fruits, such as blueberries and cherries. Keep a few berries out of the

blender and stir them in quickly with a non-metal spoon before setting the bowl in the freezer. There are many ice cream recipes to be found in old cook books. Avoid those with raw eggs or processed foods as ingredients. You may add nuts if you rinse them in vitamin С water.

Cookies, cakes and pies

Bake them from scratch, using unprocessed ingredients. Use simple recipes from old cook books.