Leg Pain In Adults

Leg pain in adults is usually associated with cadmium or thallium. Cadmium is present in tap water that runs through cor­roded galvanized pipes. The cadmium is probably a contaminant of the zinc used for galvanizing. Test the water, electronically, for cadmium. If you have all copper pipes but there is cadmium in the water, there must be a short piece (a Y or a T joint) made of old galvanized pipe lurking somewhere. Track it down by testing water from all your faucets.

Cadmium causes the blood vessels to spasm and it is made worse by smoking, that’s why the condition is sometimes called Smoker’s Leg. But extremely painful legs are due to chronic thallium poisoning more than any other cause!

It is very important to know exactly how toxic thallium is. Read the clipping on page 417 right now!

Where would you ever get thallium? From your very own mouth! The mercury in fillings is often itself polluted with thal­lium! Replace your amalgam fillings with composite.

Sanitary napkins and tampons

Leg Pain In Adults


Leg Pain In Adults


Leg Pain In Adults

Toothpicks (the one on the right is ten years old and had no mercury or thallium)

Leg Pain In Adults

Fig. 12 Do not use any commercial personal products, the risk of pollution is too


Thallium has another source: it is riding along as a pollutant in cotton swabs, cotton balls, commercial bandages, toothpicks, floss, gauze, sanitary napkins, tampons, disposable diapers, and paper towels. Evidently these are being sterilized with mercuric chloride which, in turn, has thallium pollution.

• Line disposable diapers with a tissue

• Line sanitary napkins and pads with a tissue

• Use the polyester puff in the top of vitamin bottles in place of cotton balls. Twirl some around a plastic stirrer for a swab.

• use pieces of tissue and masking tape for bandages.

Leg Pain In Adults

Use cheesecloth in place of gauze. Use monofilament fish line (2 or 4 lb. test)

for floss

Fig. 13 Safe substitutes for personal products.

If you do have thallium in your white blood cells and you haven’t used toothpicks, etc. earlier in the day, then it is in your tooth fillings and you have no higher priority than getting the amalgams out. Find a dentist immediately who will remove them, drilling deeply and widely not to miss a speck of it, thereby getting the thallium out, too. You cannot cure your leg pains without removing thallium.

Leg Pain Protocol

1. Stop smoking.

2. Repair plumbing.

3. Do dental cleanup and chelate out the mercury and thallium that has gotten into your tissues with EDTA (see Sources). You will need to find a chelating doctor; ask a friendly chiropractor to help you locate one. Or at least take thioctic acid 100 mg, (2 three times a day) and vitamin С (5 gm or one teaspoon) daily for a month.

4. Take magnesium oxide 300 mg (take 1 twice a day).

5. Take niacin, as much as you tolerate—time release varie­ties are less effective. Try 50 mg with each meal.

6. Change your diet to reduce phosphate and include milk (sterilized).

7. Do the herbal Kidney Cleanse (page 549) followed by a Liver Cleanse (page 552).

8. Zap yourself on alternate days at bedtime. If this zapping makes no difference whatever, your problem is purely spasms. But if you get relief, even if it’s very short lived, you must have killed something. Bacteria must come from somewhere. Concentrate your efforts on dental health and better diet.

Jean Booth, age 30, had sore, tired legs and severe three-day head­aches. She would get stabbing pains in back of her thighs. After we found thallium and mercury in her kidneys she did a Kidney Cleanse and got all her metal tooth fillings replaced. She then felt fine for one year. Suddenly she got fatigue and heavy legs again with stabbing pain at the outer thigh. She had seen a neurologist. Her chiropractor suggested it was leftover mercury so she came

back to us. Indeed, she was toxic with lead, mercury, thallium, but her dentist could not find the leftover metal in her mouth. Three cavitations were cleaned; she was put on thioctic acid; eight va­rieties of bacteria and viruses were killed with a frequency gen­erator and her legs became well again. Our test showed thallium at 4 teeth, but it was not a big enough deposit to show up on dental X-ray. She may eventually choose to have these redrilled.

Leg Pain In Adults

Fig. 14 Tooth num­bering system.

Charlie Snelling was a picture of pain: pain in arms, elbows, shoulders, wrist, hands, chest, low back, legs, knees, and feet. He was started on kidney herbs and a few pains were reduced.

He was toxic with cadmium so he changed his plumbing to plastic. How­ever, he continued to be toxic with cadmium and thallium throwing suspi­cion on his numerous old tooth fillings.

He got them all replaced and cavita­tions cleaned. He used our frequency generator to kill beta Streptococcus,

Pseudomonas, Troglodytella and Staphylococcus aureus all of which were under one tooth (#15). A year later he still had bouts of leg pain. He still had numerous bacteria under his teeth because the jaw bone was not healing. He had not been taking vitamin D, nor magnesium nor drinking milk for the necessary calcium. But he had improved enough to go back to work full time.

Victor Abhay, age 16, could no longer play in high school sports be­cause of knee pain. It began “with a virus” and high temperature two years ago. His knee started to bother him after that. He had cysteine kidney crystals and four parasites: Cryptocotyl, human liver fluke, Echinococcus granulosus cyst and Echinostomum revolutum in his white blood cells. He was to start the kidney herb recipe and follow this with the parasite program. Five months later, when we next saw him, his knee was fine.

Kim Murphy, 45, had painful legs, feet and knees. They also were swollen and itched. She was parasitized by Trichuris, (dog whip­
worm). She also had tapeworm stages (Taenia pisiformis) and intestinal fluke in the intestine. She started on the kidney herbs, followed by the parasite program. She stopped using zirconium — containing products (deodorant) and barium (lipstick). She stayed out of bus exhaust. (She knew she was allergic to diesel exhaust.)

In one month her leg pain and itching were gone; slight swelling remained.

Nancy Tong, 80’s, had edematous legs. In fact she could get no stockings on. They appeared like pillars with no taper at all. She was on diuretic medicine from her doctor. It kept her blood pres­sure down but she was losing ground with water excretion. This raised her general toxicity (blood BUN[5]) which made her feel bad most of the time. Yet she drank enough water, curtailed her salt, used no caffeine and had no really bad habits. She had to wear several pads for incontinence. We found she was toxic with cad­mium and lead, which were probably responsible for her huge ac­cumulation of kidney stones. The metals were in her tap water and she was unable to resolve this problem since she lived in a senior citizen center. We advised her to move, or to have her tap water carried in, but she could do none of these. Although the situation was hopeless, she did the kidney cleanse, parasite killing program and changed her metal rimmed glasses and wrist watch to plastic. She gained enough ground from these improvements to be able to wear elastic hose and thereby give some physical assistance to her body. This encouraged her to do a liver cleanse. She had a headache with the cleanse but immediately afterwards she fit into a smaller size “Keds” (elasticized stockings). A half a year from the beginning, her legs had taper to them; she didn’t even mind wearing a dress.