Elbow Pain

One variety of elbow pain is due to an inflamed tendon there; it is sometimes called “tennis elbow.” It is not due to playing tennis or any other arm use. The inflammation is caused by a liver full of stones and parasites, especially flukes which manufacture a chemical that affects tendons. Kill all flukes and cleanse the liver for quick relief. using your elbows while they are inflamed is traumatic to them, like working with a sore thumb. Don’t play tennis or do other arm exercises until they are pain free.

Parasites consume large amounts of your vitamins and min­erals. Give yourself vitamin A (25,000 u daily), zinc (60 mg. daily), and B6 (250 mg twice a day) until the pain is gone.

Wrist Pain

Tendons passing through the wrist can become inflamed from the unnatural chemicals produced by fluke parasites in the liver. using the wrists to work further traumatizes them (injures them) making it harder for them to heal. A small hole between the tendons lets the nerve and blood vessels through into the hand. Fluke parasites also make chemicals that thicken tendons. When tendons at the wrist thicken, they can squeeze down on the nerves and blood vessels until the hand or fingers feel numb. If you have pain at the wrist or numbness in your hands, killing parasites and cleaning the liver may give you the permanent cure. Wearing a wrist bandage or support can help reduce trauma damage to the wrist while it is healing.

Numbness of hands, without wrist pain, is more often due to a brain problem with parasites and pollutants. Lead, mercury, fluke parasites are the usual culprits.

Thumb Pain and Hand Pain

can be due to liver parasites. Get yourself ready for a liver cleanse. If the pain goes away beforehand, while you are on the kidney cleanse, it shows you had deposits in your joints. You were headed for arthritis in your hands. Read the information on arthritis (page 78) to protect yourself.

Finger Pain

This is pain in a joint, often accompanied by some enlarge­ment or knobbyness of the joint. It is not hard to recognize these as deposits of the same kind as we saw in the toes. You can test yourself to identify the variety. Uric acid and phosphates are the commonest types. Read the section on toe pain (page 55) for detailed instructions. You can greatly reduce your finger joint deposits and the size of the knobs. In six weeks after starting the kidney cleanse and changing your diet, the knobs may already be shrinking. A large magnet (5000 gauss—used only as directed) may bring pain relief but only dental cleanup and environmental cleanup will give you lasting improvement.