All illness comes from two causes, PARASITES and POLLUTANTS

Only two causes! This is what simplifies the picture to make it possible for you to cure yourself.

We have been taught that illness is largely our own fault. That it is due to “catching something”, not eating what we should, like roughage or vitamins, or not doing what we should, like dressing properly, exercising or going to bed on time. Somehow, it’s our own fault. Either by doing something we shouldn’t or not doing something we should. When absolutely no fault can be found we are told it’s in our genes! True inherited diseases are extremely rare. Our genes have evolved over millions of years to produce healthy humans. Nor are genes that mutate during your lifetime at fault. Pollutants, which are known to be mutagens, are the real culprits.

Neither the parasites nor the pollutants in you are “your fault”. Notice that other people all around us are doing the same things or not doing the same things, and even share our genes and don’t have our illness. The current concepts on disease causation blaming our actions and our genes are simply not logical.

But until now they appeared logical. Suppose 1000 people were bitten by a mosquito or flea, it would always be in a dif­ferent place, and if you were using the location and effect system to diagnose the problem you could have a thousand diagnoses listed for them, including a defective gene. Could you be persuaded to accept a gene replacement for your red itchy bumps? The new gene might be for antihistamine production so the welts don’t become large, red and hot, or lead to impetigo. If you were the research doctor, you might be tempted to alleviate a thousand persons’ distress with a new gene. Fortunately, you are not and only need to solve your own problems. You can be more logical.

After you have found the parasite interlopers hiding in your body you can kill them electronically. And after you have iden­tified the pollutants stuck in your organs you can stop eating them, breathing them or putting them on yourself. In response, your body will begin to heal, just as surely as a mosquito bite heals.

Heal from multiple sclerosis, emphysema, myasthenia? Yes!! Some healing will be swift. Some healing will be slow. Healing is not understood. It is much faster in young persons. But fast or slow you know it has begun. It will be an exciting adventure to watch yourself lose your symptoms and get stronger.