Air Pollution

Improve the quality of the air by lowering the pollution level. Check into carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, fumes from a gas stove pilot light, auto exhaust from an attached garage or nearby highway, arsenic from household pesticide, PVC from new plastic curtains or carpeting, formaldehyde from wearing new clothing before washing it, asbestos from hair dryers, freon from a refrigerator, fiberglass, and chlorine from running tap water. some of these displace oxygen, some are simply toxic to the body and lungs. Clean up the air according to the general principles of environmental cleanup (see Four Clean-ups, page 409).

For the elderly pay special attention to chlorine in the air. shower water puts a lot of chlorine into the bathroom air which then distributes itself through the rest of the house. Notice whether your elderly person goes into the bathroom in fair shape mentally but comes out confused, unreasonable. Not every day’s chlorine exposure will have the same effect. Trust your judgment. Attach a carbon filter to the shower head (see Sources). Purchase a variety that has very simple-to-replace cartridges. Figure out how long it should last and write the date for replacement on the outside of it for your own convenience.

Air Pollution


When into and out of the bathroom is a different performance suspect chlorine. Put a filter on your faucets.

Fig. 35 Chlorinated water can cause mental problems.

Washing hands and face in chlorinated water can give off enough chlorine to trigger a manic episode in a manic-depressive person. Certainly, it is enough to cause mental ef­fects in an elderly person. Of course, the chlorine bleach bottle should not be kept under the sink. It should be kept in a closed plastic bag in the garage. It should not be used while the elderly person is in the house and never for his or her laundry. Use chlorine-free bleach.

Don’t pollute the air with fresh flowers, potpourris, or room fresheners. These can induce a dizzy spell.

Room air conditioners may have a fiberglass filter! This fills the house with tiny particles of glass to be breathed by every­body. The body makes tumors out of them in order to stop them from cutting through your tissue. Replace the filter with a foam sheet. This sheet is 1/8 inch thick and washable. I have not found these types of foam filters to emit formaldehyde.

Room air filters are not the answer to polluted air. Removing the pollution source is. Air filters may remove some of the toxic elements but by blowing the air (and dust) around vigorously the remaining toxins are made much more vicious in their effect. The noise of a filter motor and fumes it may put out itself adds misery to the simple job of breathing. Using a non-fiberglass filter at the furnace is a better idea.

Make sure all fragrances are removed from the air, even though family members “like” them. They don’t belong in air. The lungs treat them like toxins to be coughed up or removed by the kidneys and immune system. This includes colognes, scented tissues, soap and shampoo and shaving supplies. If you can walk into the bathroom blindfolded and know you’re in the bathroom, it’s not clean enough. Everything in the bathroom pollutes the air of the whole house. People who must use fragrance should apply it outdoors to keep the indoor air less polluted.


Air Pollution

Fig. 36 Red blood cells, top and side view.

oxygen gets to the brain on a carrier system of tiny rafts called red blood cells. They were meant to be an exact shape and size to fit the most oxygen molecules onto them.

Each red blood cell is shaped like a doughnut without the hole. This fits a lot more oxygen, O2, than round balls would. Yet, if there isn’t enough vitamin Bi2, the dimple isn’t put into them to make them doughnut shaped. This reduces the body’s oxygen supply and the disorder is called “pernicious” anemia. The changed shape of the red blood cells is reflected in a bigger volume called mean cell volume (MCV). The correct volume for red blood cells is about 90 cubic microns. Many elderly persons have a MCV over 100!

I have seen pernicious anemia to be associated with Ascaris infestation. Kill Ascaris on a frequency generator (408 KHz) or zap. The source of Ascaris is usually a pet, owned in the past. once infected, the tiny worms do not leave your body on their own. The infestation may date back to childhood. What a relief for the bone marrow whose job it is to make red blood cells to have enough vitamin B12 again! What does Ascaris do with your Bi2? Bi2 is a beautiful rose colored vitamin. Some worms are actually pink from absorbing your B^! Giving B[2 shots is the current clinical treatment for Bi2 deficiency. Killing Ascaris twice a week by zapping and taking B12 lozenges (see Sources) is a better solution. (If your loved one is getting shots, make sure that no isopropyl alcohol is used on the skin beforehand. Provide vodka yourself in a small pocket flask or 70% grain alcohol for this purpose. unfortunately, the shot itself may contain traces of this harmful solvent—take a sample home for testing.)

other kinds of “anemia” can deprive your elderly person of oxygen. A low red blood cell count (under 4.4 million/mm3) is the “garden” variety. Sometimes iron levels are low and can ex­plain the low red blood cell count. Sometimes they are not.

Most regular anemias, including low iron levels, are associ­ated with hookworm infestations.

Kill all Ancylostomas along with Ascaris twice a week. It is not wise to take iron pills, even if they do raise hemoglobin lev­els, except in life-threatening situations. Remove the tiny crea­tures that cause microscopic bleeding instead. Iron in the form of pills is too easily snatched up by bacteria who also need it, making them more virulent to the body. Use grain alcohol rinse in the bathroom to kill Ascaris and hookworm eggs under fin­gernails. Don’t have pets in the house or keep them on daily parasite killing herbs.

It takes nutritious food to build the blood back up to its normal hemoglobin level. Eggs and meats (all very well cooked) are the richest sources of iron and other minerals used in blood building. B6 and other vitamins are also involved and can be given as a B-complex (see Sources). Do not use black strap molasses as an iron source, or any molasses, since it contains toxic molds. (The molds could be detoxified with vitamin С the same way as honey. However, I have not tested enough molasses for solvents and you cannot risk these.) In the past, when the nutrient properties of molasses were discovered, the molasses manufacturing was a small, carefully conducted business. Now it has molds which cause platelet destruction, (purpuric spots) internal bleeding, and immune failure.

Acid Levels

oxygen must first jump onto its raft, the hemoglobin, in the lungs. Later, in the brain, oxygen must jump off again to enter the brain cells. A difference in acid levels makes this possible. Acid levels operate the latching system that decides whether oxygen will be attached to hemoglobin or let go! Acidity unlatches oxygen. There should be no acidity in the lungs so oxygen can attach here. Sometimes, the entire body is too acid! Diabetics, asthmatics, arthritics, especially, suffer from total body acidity.

Acid was meant to be removed from the blood and loaded into the stomach at mealtime for digestion. When this isn’t hap­pening, it was meant to be shipped out of the body with the urine. But the kidneys may be doing a poor job because they are clogged with tiny crystals and because not enough water is drunk, so the body’s acid levels rise. You can test total body acidity by measuring the pH of the morning urine. It should not be under (more acid than) 5.5. If the body acid level is too high, help the kidneys excrete it by adding more water to the diet and more minerals to neutralize the acid. The main minerals for this purpose are calcium and magnesium.